Friday, 7 April 2017

The Cloud

WALT Write a narrative                
The Cloud
I was at work we were doing a expert on this person named Sam we tested it and it went wrong he turn into a cloud and flow away and no one saw him ever again. Until one day he came from the sea but he wasn’t like the other clouds the wind can’t control him.

He would look around the town it was like he was spying on  us when he saw more he becomes more and he would look after the kids that would be bullied or kids that have no family or no money. When there is a fire he would go and stop it burning he would leave at night come back in the morning and help some people.

Some people look up to him as a hero but some look up to him like trash.

As he flies around he see the TV people talk about how they hated him so he left and never came back. At every football game people ask where is the cloud and then when the game starts both teams stand up and started to say Cloud Cloud Cloud !  but he wouldn’t come back. Until the next day he went back to the town everyone was so happy they know that he would never leave them and they made a cake for him for being the best cloud in the world. He will never leave them ever until he dies the end.

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