Thursday, 23 November 2017

Poha to Kirihou

this term we have been learning about how food preservation has changed since the early days. I have learnt that plastic kills lots of sea animals and you can make a warp out of honey wax and you can reuse this term we have been learning about how food preservation has changed since the early days. I have learnt that plastic kills lots of sea animals and you can make a warp out of honey wax and you can reuse it.


Friday, 22 September 2017

The Piano

WALT write a descriptive piece of writing from the old man's point of view as he recalls his memories
         THE PIANO

Hi I’m a old reckley man I play the piano to help me remember my memories like how my wife she died of age. I could remember when we first meet we went to the same school and we both liked each other so when we grew older we meet up and went to a restaurant a one day later we got married. I can remember when I went to war with my older brother we hid behind a wall then my brother said “ we can’t wait here we have to go” he was going to shoot somebody. When I looked at him he was shoot so I ran back to army and survived. On my 5th birthday my mum gave me a toy horse it was so fun when I was older I gave the toy horse to my son then my son gave it to his son. I could remember when me and my wife went to the pools then the beach because my son went to University. I remember when I went to rainbow end with my wife and son we went on the bumper cart it was fun then we went to play the piano that they had that how I learn how to play the piano. After we went to get some ice cream it was good times. I remember when we travel around the world we went to America, Australia, london, Paris, Samoa and France we got to eat different type of food. After traveling we went back home. In the morning my wife was lying on the ground I tried to wack her up but she wouldn’t wack up I went to the hospital. The doctor said “ that she’s died I’m really sorry for your lost”. Now I got a grandson he came and said “ can you teach me to play the piano” so I taught him how to play the piano. When he was 16 we started to teach young kids how to play the piano when I die he's going to look after the piano shop I went home and went to bed.   

Te Ngahere

WAL about te ngahere,the rakau, the kararehe, the manu and the risk to the forest. 

Thursday, 24 August 2017


World Events for your writing
I’m sure you won’t have missed the events in Barcelona, Spain this week or the devastation caused by the mud slide in Sierre Leone and the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. The prompt this week uses the emotions that the media has shown us.

Latest prompt
As I said at the top of this page, the events around the world this week:

… as it came rushing towards us we…
As it came rushing towards us we ran as fast as flash. We saw a truck and climbed up it. It was a tsunami, I was with my mum, dad and baby sister. I heard a baby crying from a car, I jumped in the water and swam to the car. I got to the car. I grabbed the baby and swam back. I gave it a bottle he went to sleep. We stayed there until it was finished. The next day it was over ,we couldn’t find the baby's parents so I adopted the baby I named him Tyler.

Friday, 18 August 2017

The Magician

Hi my name is the magician I’m evil , with an evil laugh ‘’hahahahahaha,’’ my family is so nice they try to make me good but I don’t like to be good you get nothing so I steal from people and that how I get payed I’m the baddest witch with my friend the wizard his bad to but not as bad as me were the same his family is good to they try to make him good but we say NO!.

At school we have a underground bunker that were we go to hang out when were at school and were working we will say “ we're going toilet but instead we go to the bunker” we have games, Meger air, Mcdonald's,  Burger King, Pizza hut's, Sam woo, sushi, Subway, a giant bounce house and a desert  place with churros and a big pool with a big hydroslide.

Me and the wizard we turn evil because when we were kids  we would always get bullied so we turn bad so we wouldn’t get bullied again that is why we became evil and nothing will ever change that no machine no person nothing and soon we will roll the world and no one will stop us “hahahahahaha” every one will be at my feet and I will be the king of the world who ever get my way I will get rid of them but later I got another things to do.

I’m going to roll the school then the world we are going to change the time to 3:00 clock so we can finish early and that when we plan to roll the school we will go and hide in the bunker when it night we will go out we got out we saw a security guard I knock him out with my powers we stole everything the next morning we give it back now they think we are heroes we can get whatever we want if we ask “for a bike” they would get it.

We have already roll the school now the world a few hours later I’m the king of the world I can get everything now “hahahahaha”.

Monday, 7 August 2017

Wk2 T3 Fractions - Waiporopo

100 Word Challenge

I was walking through the alleyway but then the flash of a lightning hit me I was sore I went home to sleep the next morning I went to school a bully came up to me and said “ to me I’m going to snap your bone” but it didn’t so hit his head on my but I didn’t get hurt but it knock him out and everyone like me because I knocked out the bully so I started to use my powers for good I would dress as superhero and save the world and city and they call me superman.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017


Create your own Kayak

Step 1
Create your design
*Screenshot the finished image
Screenshot 2017-08-01 at 9.42.48 AM.png

Step 2
Describe your design

I have chosen a SLALOM C1 with black background  blue outline I have chosen 14 stars and 1 fat fist.

Step 3
Describe who would buy your design

It is unbreakable that why you should buy my kayak so if you hit a hard rock your kayak what have a hole in it age 7 to110 in warehouse for only 60$ call now 0800 555 if you call now you get two free.

Monday, 3 July 2017


WALT be cybersmart using a game called Interland. In this game there are 4 different cyber worlds each focussing on a different part of cyber smart. The green mountain which is the one we started with is about being kind and caring. I got to the top of this mountain and scored 325 see my screenshot below.
Then I decided to have a go at the Kind KingDom which is about being kind to people who are getting bullied.

I learn to be kind to another people even if they are mean I learning about cyber smart by using this game.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

My Goal Sitting

I'm Sitting Goals that I want to Achieve these Goals.

Measuring length

WAL about Measuring length.  
I learn that a little blocks a cm and my thumb is the same as one block.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Skeletal System

WAL about the Skeletal System.
I learn how about how your skeletal System.


WAL about Pōhā.
I learn about Pōhā 

Matariki design

WAL about Matariki.
I learn about the seven stars.

Nervous System

WAL about the Nervous System.
I learn how to but facts on you slide.


WAL about the Manawa the heart.
I learn lots of facts about your heart.

The Respiratory System

WAl about the Respiratory System.
I learn how the Respiratory System.

The Digestive System

WAL about the Digestive System.
I learn to get fact and put it on to my slide show.

Thursday, 1 June 2017


WAL about mokihi and how they are made.

we went onto matariki thinglink and  watched a video on mokihi next we got a choice toon creating a thinglink or google slide show to share our learning-my favourite fact was that rivers don't have sand because they aren't close to the sea.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

WALT do Multiplication problems.


WALT solve Multiplication problems-This week my number this is my number we had to draw our Number and make our number with blocks and we had to do a number line. My favorite slide was more or



WALT solve Multiplication problems-this week my number is.we had to do slide called this week is my number we had to had to pick a number and do even and odd and at the end we had to get a photo of our number I liked it. my favorite slide was the more and less.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017


WALT refresh our memory by using thinglink


WALT use a technique to carefully craft our writing

If I had listened, if I wasn’t bullied, if I didn’t get upset then this wouldn’t have happened.  I was scared, terrified and hated myself because of what I had done. A teacher was hiding while I was lying on the ground, paper flying around me, a crack in the wall, lockers broken. Quickly I walked down the corridors for the last time.I feel scared.
My body is shaking; face turning red; crushing my fists.I ran out of the building but then ….

Friday, 5 May 2017



WAL about the human body


      WALT write a narrative
It was six am nearly seven and  the workers were playing cards until they heard something get thrown on the ship. We were in the container and we could hear somebody boarding so we looked outside. We could see smelly pirates ripped clothing.

The pirates went everywhere. They went to  the kitchen and they were stealing all of the food, even the food that wasn’t even ready. They went to the captain and said “do you know who I am? i’m the new captain hand over the  keys.” After the pirates took over the ship then they went to one of the containers because they thought that there was cars and food in there.

But when they turned around one by one robots  came out of the container. I walk up to one of the pirates and said “boo!” Then they got scared and ran away but we didn’t let them escape, we split up. There was a lot of them but we're stronger  we were every where. One robot took one of the guys out by scaring him he was so scared he jumped of the ship.

Another robot took a guy out by tripping him up. Then I went to the new captain and pointed outside all of his guys gave up and just stopped. After we went back inside our container. What happens in Somalia stays in Somalia.

Friday, 7 April 2017

The Cloud

WALT Write a narrative                
The Cloud
I was at work we were doing a expert on this person named Sam we tested it and it went wrong he turn into a cloud and flow away and no one saw him ever again. Until one day he came from the sea but he wasn’t like the other clouds the wind can’t control him.

He would look around the town it was like he was spying on  us when he saw more he becomes more and he would look after the kids that would be bullied or kids that have no family or no money. When there is a fire he would go and stop it burning he would leave at night come back in the morning and help some people.

Some people look up to him as a hero but some look up to him like trash.

As he flies around he see the TV people talk about how they hated him so he left and never came back. At every football game people ask where is the cloud and then when the game starts both teams stand up and started to say Cloud Cloud Cloud !  but he wouldn’t come back. Until the next day he went back to the town everyone was so happy they know that he would never leave them and they made a cake for him for being the best cloud in the world. He will never leave them ever until he dies the end.

Friday, 31 March 2017

  Tom Trueheart

I was in the forest cold and alone and my brothers and their Princess Brides have been captured so I had to save them with my sword it could make me turn into anything I can turn into a bird or person I had to get ready to save my brothers and their princess brides so I made a shield out of bark.

and then I was ready for battle I turned into a bird to fly up and get away and when I was up in the sky I saw a glue to where my brothers and my princess brides
It said if you want to see your brothers and their princess brides then fly up and the biggest bird in the land once you found the bird there will be a glue for you so I went looking around for the bird I found it.

It was so big I did even know if could even get the next glue but I turn into a lion I bit the bird on the leg it flyed away that was easier than cleaning I found the next glue it said if want the next glue to finding your brothers search for the deeps seas and there will be your last glue I went to the deeps seas and I had to turn into a shark I look around and I found the glue but there was lots of bombs blocking the next glue I had to be careful I go up to the. glue then a big monster comes and he set of all the bombs it was could but the glue would have been destroyed.

But then I saw the glue floating around I swim to the glue and it said if you want to find your brothers then go to the biggest castle and there will be your brothers so I go to the biggest castle it was so small I wonder why they call it the biggest castle they should call it the smallest castle I went inside.

it was so big there was so many doors I went in one it had  my brothers I cut the ropes then we had to save the Princess Brides but the castle was so big and it had so many doors some of them could be locked and they could.

have the Princess Brides we go to a door it had the  Princess Brides inside but there was the boss guarding the  Princess Brides I had to fight the boss so I tried to turn into something but it didn’t work so I had to fight him with the sword I turn around and I looked at my brothers then I looked back I turn into a shark then I thought I  got my powers back.
So I turn into car I got my brothers and Princess Brides inside and we ride away starting a new life.

          3 Facts about Giraffe. 1.They can run as fast as 35 miles in a hour over longer distances.
2. Giraffes only need have to drink once a few days. Most of their water comes from all the leaves they eat.

Giraffe standing.jpg3. Giraffe are the tallest animals in the worldOpen ...

Friday, 24 March 2017


welcome this is My DLO I will be posting a DLO every week I hope you enjoy

Thursday, 23 March 2017


The Arctic Circle

I woke up from a deep sleep I was cold and alone but I was hungry so I went outside to get me a apple and it got even colder so I went to the tree and I made a apple. I could have made lots but it was so hard because it is so hard just to make one apple. as I turn around I could see a square box so I went over and I took a look at it I got closer to the square box I went up and touched it. It shocked me and made me fly back as I flyed back I heat my back on the tree I got up and I looked at my arms and it was lighting up I touch the tree and it made lots of apples. I so looked back at the box and it was going to my neighbor’s but I wanted to keep it for myself the box for myself so I went and tried to get the box as I move closer the box move backwards. As I run the box moves fast so I started to run and catch the box we got closer to my neighbors I jumped in front of the box then I jumped onto the box I got the box but then the box went into me. I got up and my arms were lighting up again I was going to walk back to my house but as I take a step my foot turn into a was the box eating me alive I took another step and my other foot turn into a box to I tried to walk it off but then the two boxes become one big hole box I looked at my house and it was to far like 200 metres. so I looked at my neighbor's house it was so close so I felt gred so I tried to touch my neighbor’s tree but the box was still eating me alive I but my hand out to reach for the tree but my whole body got eaten I was like noooo
I was petty to die. then my neighbor came out and he did what he had to do his hard labour to get his apple. the end or is it.information about the                    Arctic Circle - Wikipedia

Image result for arctic circle

Worm Farm

this is my worm farm book that I read about and then made a slide about the book I hope you enjoy

Thursday, 16 March 2017

The Lighthouse

This is my thinglink on lighthouses. WALT research information about lighthouses.


this is my maths it will tell you 15+7 or 17+8

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Te Reo Maori 2017

 kia ora whanau this is my collection of my my whakatauki and what they mean I hope you enjoy reading this I will be be adding a new slide veery week.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Nau mai, haere mai ki tēnei taonga

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