Thursday, 23 March 2017


The Arctic Circle

I woke up from a deep sleep I was cold and alone but I was hungry so I went outside to get me a apple and it got even colder so I went to the tree and I made a apple. I could have made lots but it was so hard because it is so hard just to make one apple. as I turn around I could see a square box so I went over and I took a look at it I got closer to the square box I went up and touched it. It shocked me and made me fly back as I flyed back I heat my back on the tree I got up and I looked at my arms and it was lighting up I touch the tree and it made lots of apples. I so looked back at the box and it was going to my neighbor’s but I wanted to keep it for myself the box for myself so I went and tried to get the box as I move closer the box move backwards. As I run the box moves fast so I started to run and catch the box we got closer to my neighbors I jumped in front of the box then I jumped onto the box I got the box but then the box went into me. I got up and my arms were lighting up again I was going to walk back to my house but as I take a step my foot turn into a was the box eating me alive I took another step and my other foot turn into a box to I tried to walk it off but then the two boxes become one big hole box I looked at my house and it was to far like 200 metres. so I looked at my neighbor's house it was so close so I felt gred so I tried to touch my neighbor’s tree but the box was still eating me alive I but my hand out to reach for the tree but my whole body got eaten I was like noooo
I was petty to die. then my neighbor came out and he did what he had to do his hard labour to get his apple. the end or is it.information about the                    Arctic Circle - Wikipedia

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