Friday, 31 March 2017

  Tom Trueheart

I was in the forest cold and alone and my brothers and their Princess Brides have been captured so I had to save them with my sword it could make me turn into anything I can turn into a bird or person I had to get ready to save my brothers and their princess brides so I made a shield out of bark.

and then I was ready for battle I turned into a bird to fly up and get away and when I was up in the sky I saw a glue to where my brothers and my princess brides
It said if you want to see your brothers and their princess brides then fly up and the biggest bird in the land once you found the bird there will be a glue for you so I went looking around for the bird I found it.

It was so big I did even know if could even get the next glue but I turn into a lion I bit the bird on the leg it flyed away that was easier than cleaning I found the next glue it said if want the next glue to finding your brothers search for the deeps seas and there will be your last glue I went to the deeps seas and I had to turn into a shark I look around and I found the glue but there was lots of bombs blocking the next glue I had to be careful I go up to the. glue then a big monster comes and he set of all the bombs it was could but the glue would have been destroyed.

But then I saw the glue floating around I swim to the glue and it said if you want to find your brothers then go to the biggest castle and there will be your brothers so I go to the biggest castle it was so small I wonder why they call it the biggest castle they should call it the smallest castle I went inside.

it was so big there was so many doors I went in one it had  my brothers I cut the ropes then we had to save the Princess Brides but the castle was so big and it had so many doors some of them could be locked and they could.

have the Princess Brides we go to a door it had the  Princess Brides inside but there was the boss guarding the  Princess Brides I had to fight the boss so I tried to turn into something but it didn’t work so I had to fight him with the sword I turn around and I looked at my brothers then I looked back I turn into a shark then I thought I  got my powers back.
So I turn into car I got my brothers and Princess Brides inside and we ride away starting a new life.

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