Friday, 5 May 2017


      WALT write a narrative
It was six am nearly seven and  the workers were playing cards until they heard something get thrown on the ship. We were in the container and we could hear somebody boarding so we looked outside. We could see smelly pirates ripped clothing.

The pirates went everywhere. They went to  the kitchen and they were stealing all of the food, even the food that wasn’t even ready. They went to the captain and said “do you know who I am? i’m the new captain hand over the  keys.” After the pirates took over the ship then they went to one of the containers because they thought that there was cars and food in there.

But when they turned around one by one robots  came out of the container. I walk up to one of the pirates and said “boo!” Then they got scared and ran away but we didn’t let them escape, we split up. There was a lot of them but we're stronger  we were every where. One robot took one of the guys out by scaring him he was so scared he jumped of the ship.

Another robot took a guy out by tripping him up. Then I went to the new captain and pointed outside all of his guys gave up and just stopped. After we went back inside our container. What happens in Somalia stays in Somalia.

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